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Fatty Acid Signatures


If they are what they eat, what are dolphins eating? Thanks to our long-term studies — including seasonal fish surveys — we know what the most common prey fish are in Sarasota Bay dolphin diets. But how do their diets change during events like red tides? SDRP’s Theresa Tatom-Naecker is testing a technique called

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Remembering Two Giants of Marine Mammal Science


SDRP Founder Blair Irvine (left) and Sam Ridgway, 1967. The marine mammal scientific community has lost two of the field’s greats: Sam Ridgway and William F. Perrin. These founders of modern marine mammal science were indirectly involved in the creation and development of the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program (SDRP), and

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Dolphin F155 Stats Name: F155 Sex: Female Age: Born 1990 A Dolphin's Life Murphy Brown was born in 1990 to FB05, one of the earliest dolphins we documented (back in 1971, just a year after our research program began). She is


Assessing the Health of Offshore Dolphins


Learn About the First Health Assessment of an Offshore Dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico On June 1, 2022, the SDRP led the first-ever health assessment of an offshore dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico. The collaborative effort involved biologists and veterinarians from six nonprofit organizations and universities and was

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Saving Dolphins from Ourselves


We Can All Protect Dolphins from Negative Human Interactions This spring, we saw several negative interactions between humans and dolphins — for instance, dolphins patrolling or stalking fishing boats looking for an easy meal. And, on March 24, a female dolphin washed up dead on Fort Myers Beach. A necropsy

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Dolphin F217 Stats Name: F217 Sex: Female Age: Born 2007 A Dolphin's Life We’ve known F217 since she was born in 2007 to a dolphin we call Big Shout (F141). We’ve observed F217 more than 280 times since her birth. F217 became


DWH: 12 Years On


A Dozen Years After the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, We're Still Documenting Impacts to Dolphins April 2022 marks the anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. A dozen years after this disastrous event, scientists are still identifying the long-term impacts on the local Barataria Bay

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Dolphin F207 Stats Name: F207, aka Swiss Cheese Sex: Female Age: Born 2005 A Dolphin's Life Swiss Cheese is the calf of F175 and grand-calf of FB75 (also known as Pup). We’ve observed her more than 600 times since her birth


Wells Receives Lifetime Achievement Award


SDRP Leader Receives Lifetime Achievement Award We're proud to offer congratulations to one of our own: Dr. Randy Wells, Vice President of Marine Mammal Conservation at the Chicago Zoological Society and director of the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program. Dr. Wells received the Kenneth S. Norris Lifetime Achievement Award from the

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