Be Dolphin Safe

Tips on how you can help keep wild dolphins safe

Make Your Labor Day Boat Trip a Labor of Love


As we approach the Labor Day holiday this weekend, why not make it a labor of love for dolphins (and other wildlife) by doing a few simple things to help protect them and their environment? It’s as easy as: Stashing your trash: If you’re heading to the beach or out on the water, be

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Saving Dolphins from Ourselves


We Can All Protect Dolphins from Negative Human Interactions This spring, we saw several negative interactions between humans and dolphins — for instance, dolphins patrolling or stalking fishing boats looking for an easy meal. And, on March 24, a female dolphin washed up dead on Fort Myers Beach. A necropsy

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Piney Point Dolphin Entanglement


On April 7 and April 9, 2021, as our team was conducting photographic identification surveys in the area near the massive discharges of phosphorous and nitrogen polluted waters from Piney Point, an abandoned fertilizer mine near Port Manatee in lower Tampa Bay, we observed an entangled dolphin known as CMA1917, with fishing gear embedded

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Evaluating Costs and Benefits of Intervention


Evaluating the costs and benefits of intervening when dolphins face life threatening entanglements Some of the most popular stories we tell are about the successful rescues we’ve undertaken to save wild dolphins with life-threatening injuries from entanglement in fishing gear or other types of debris. Social media posts about these

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Be Dolphin Safe


You can prevent injuries to dolphins and other sea life simply by following these best practices: Don’t feed wild dolphins. Reel in your fishing line if dolphins appear. Change locations if dolphins show interest in bait or catch. Release catch quietly away from dolphins when and where it is possible to do so without

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Human Activities Claim Three Sarasota Dolphin Lives


Over just 2 weeks in August, we lost three Sarasota Bay resident dolphins. Our Director, Dr. Randy Wells penned this special message to share the news and let you know how you can help: In an unprecedented year of pandemic and societal upheavals, August has dealt us another blow at the Chicago Zoological Society’s

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