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Leading a Calf Rescue


Sarasota Dolphin Research Program Leads Effort  to Rescue Dolphin Calf from Entangled and Embedded Fishing Gear A multi-agency team of 51 individuals, including veterinarians, biologists, stranding responders, trained handlers, and law enforcement officers, came together in Sarasota Bay, Florida, on Feb. 21, 2023, to successfully catch, treat, and release a

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Intern Opportunity: Eugenie Clark Skills and Leadership


We're pleased to partner once again with Minorities in Shark Science (MISS) and Havenworth Coastal Conservation to offer the Eugenie Clark Field Research Skills and Leadership Program. Applications for this PAID internship are due March 15. (Click here for a shareable PDF) Minorities in Shark Sciences is offering a full-time paid training experience in

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Passive Acoustic Listening Stations


SDRP has operates the Sarasota Bay Listening Network, a network of underwater passive acoustic listening stations in Sarasota Bay; each station includes a hydrophone that records sounds to flash memory cards and/or transmits data via cell phones. These stations allow us to explore the underwater acoustic environment of Sarasota Bay to better understand the

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