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Exploring Microbiomes


Exploring Microbiomes The science of understanding microbiomes has received increasing attention over the past few decades, especially in the context of understanding animal health. Microbomes are a collection of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) living together and interacting with each other in an environment. Animals — including humans — have

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Seagrass Matters


Seagrass Matters This summer (2021), we've continued our purse-seine catch-and-release fish surveys in Sarasota Bay. These surveys, conducted seasonally since 2004, allow us to gain an indication of the relative abundance of fish in Sarasota Bay — important information for understanding one of dolphins’ main ecological drivers: their prey. Our

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Dolphin F222 Stats Name: F158 Sex: Male Age: Born 1985 A Dolphin's Life We’ve observed Grasshopper 93 times since 1989. He was the first observed calf of Pecan Sandie (the first Florida dolphin tagged with a satellite-linked transmitter in 1990). Pecan


Taking Lessons From Sarasota Abroad


This 2008 photo shows researchers preparing to release a tagged franciscana dolphin in Argentina. Dolphins were held for a brief period while satellite-linked tags were applied and then the dolphins were released on site. Lessons Learned in Sarasota Are Applying to Dolphin Conservation in Argentina and Brazil With research

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Dolphin F222 Stats Name: F222 Sex: Male Age: Born 1999 A Dolphin's Life F222 is the second calf of Claire (also known as F131), the grand-calf of Genie (FB59) and great-grand-calf of Granny (FB19). (Learn more about this maternal lineage here.)


SDRP Earns Disney Conservation Hero Award


SDRP staff includes (top row, in the tower) Jonathan Crossman, Dr. Katie McHugh; (middle row) Kim Bassos-Hull, Aaron Barleycorn, Dr. Krystan Wilkinson; (bottom row) Jason Allen, Dr. Randy Wells and Dr. Christina Toms, with interns Jessica Barrios, Leticia Megpali Estevão and Amy Cabeceiras.  CZS's Sarasota Dolphin Research Program Earns Disney Conservation Hero Award

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Dolphin F223 Stats Name: F223 Sex: Female Age: Born 2010 A Dolphin's Life We’ve observed F233 more than 330 times since her birth in May 2010. She gave birth to her own first calf in 2019. We had just one sighting of F233 and


Dolphins & Hurricane Season


Dolphins & Hurricanes One question we’re frequently asked is what dolphins do during hurricanes. The short answer is that we just don’t know. Since it’s not safe for humans on boats to be out during storms, we have to rely on opportunistic reports for insights. A few years ago, we

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Dolphin F220 Stats Name: F220, also known as Stormy Sex: Male Age: Born 1999 A Dolphin's Life We've observed Stormy more than 600 times since his birth in 1999. He's the fourth calf of FB07, also known as Lightning.  In our research, we’ve found


Piney Point Dolphin Entanglement


On April 7 and April 9, 2021, as our team was conducting photographic identification surveys in the area near the massive discharges of phosphorous and nitrogen polluted waters from Piney Point, an abandoned fertilizer mine near Port Manatee in lower Tampa Bay, we observed an entangled dolphin known as CMA1917, with fishing gear embedded

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