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Dolphin F249 Stats Name: F249 Sex: Female Age: Born 2011 A Dolphin's Life We first observed F249 as a young-of-the-year calf of F185. Since then, we've documented 117 sightings of her, including our most recent sighting in January. She seems


Understanding Offshore Dolphin Behavior


High-resolution data-loggers reveal fine-scale movement and foraging behavior of offshore dolphins “Bill,” an Atlantic spotted dolphin, with a satellite-linked tag on his dorsal fin and DTAG on his back upon release in September 2022. During offshore health assessments in September 2022, we deployed digital-acoustic archival tags (DTAGs) via suction cups on

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Dolphin F295 Stats Name: F295 (formerly C79A) Sex: Female Age: Born 2021 A Dolphin's Life We’ve observed F295 more than 50 times since our first sighting of her as a newborn on April 7, 2021. She was the 11th calf


What’s on the Menu?


Since 1970, we’ve been studying Sarasota Bay’s dolphin community — getting to know their lineages, their companions and even their favorite hangouts. But understanding the dynamics of a population of animals also includes understanding how they interact with their environment, especially learning about the types of food they prefer, the places where they find

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Notes from the Lab and Field


This Atlantic spotted dolphin nicknamed Hannah was tagged 45 miles offshore of Sarasota using a new tool we developed. New Tagging Technique Developed in Sarasota Could Impact Dolphins Worldwide If you’ve been following our research, you probably know that we employ a variety of techniques to study the Sarasota Bay dolphin

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