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Another Successful Rescue


A Successful Dolphin Rescue Near Marco Island Earlier this month, Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) received several reports from the Naples/Marco Island area about a calf whose tail flukes were entangled in fishing line. After determining that the entanglement was life threatening, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) asked us to lead

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Leading a Calf Rescue


Sarasota Dolphin Research Program Leads Effort  to Rescue Dolphin Calf from Entangled and Embedded Fishing Gear A multi-agency team of 51 individuals, including veterinarians, biologists, stranding responders, trained handlers, and law enforcement officers, came together in Sarasota Bay, Florida, on Feb. 21, 2023, to successfully catch, treat, and release a

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Intern Opportunity: Eugenie Clark Skills and Leadership


We're pleased to partner once again with Minorities in Shark Science (MISS) and Havenworth Coastal Conservation to offer the Eugenie Clark Field Research Skills and Leadership Program. Applications for this PAID internship are due March 15. (Click here for a shareable PDF) Minorities in Shark Sciences is offering a full-time paid training experience in

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Passive Acoustic Listening Stations


SDRP has operates the Sarasota Bay Listening Network, a network of underwater passive acoustic listening stations in Sarasota Bay; each station includes a hydrophone that records sounds to flash memory cards and/or transmits data via cell phones. These stations allow us to explore the underwater acoustic environment of Sarasota Bay to better understand the

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Dolphin Personalities and Conservation


Evidence of consistent individual differences (IDs) in behavior, indicative of individual personalities (also referred as behavioral types or coping strategies), has been demonstrated across the animal kingdom from mollusks to mammals. "Who" an individual is will impact how they handle challenges, react to stressors, select mates and ultimately how successful they are in reproduction

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Dolphin F213 Stats Name: F213, also known as Maddie Sex: Female Age: Born 2007 A Dolphin's Life F213 was born in 2007 to FB55, who is part of a life-long and well-known female lineage in Sarasota Bay. (FB55 is the third calf


Dolphins and Microplastics


Study Finds Evidence that Dolphins are Ingesting Microplastics A new study in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Marine Science has found evidence that members of the Sarasota Bay dolphin community are inadvertently ingesting microplastics as part of their diet — a finding that has implications for another long-lived apex predator that eats seafood:

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Your Support on Giving Tuesday Makes This Possible


Your Support on Giving Tuesday Makes This Possible As people who regularly follow our research and progress know, since 1970, we’ve been working to better understand dolphins and their ecosystem, and sharing the knowledge we've gained locally, statewide, nationally and internationally to help reduce the threats that dolphins worldwide face in the wild.

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