Dolphin Communication

These posts discuss dolphin communication studies.

Whistling Away in Sarasota Bay


To record dolphin sounds, we place non-invasive hydrophones mounted on suction cups on a dolphin’s melon  (“forehead”) and record the sounds that they make.  We’ve been recording dolphin whistles since the 1970s. Today, the Sarasota Dolphin Whistle Database contains 926 recording sessions of 293 individual dolphins; we know the age, sex and

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Dolphins Have Names


Did you know that bottlenose dolphins develop individually distinctive signature whistles that they use to maintain group cohesion? Unlike the development of identification signals in most other species, signature whistle development is strongly influenced by vocal learning. This learning ability is maintained throughout life, and dolphins frequently copy each other’s whistles in the wild.

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Listening to Sarasota Bay Dolphins


Dolphin F197 with her fourth calf, 1974. Several members of F197's family like to swim near the Cortez PAL station. Listening in on Sarasota Bay Dolphins' Underwater World The SDRP, working in partnership with David Mann of Loggerhead Instruments, Mote Marine Laboratory, New College of Florida, Eckerd College and local citizens,

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