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Dolphin Life: What we’ve learned in 40 years

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Enewsletter Archive

January-February 2024: Check out the dolphins that joined our 40-plus club this year!

December 2023: A Successful EcoSummit and a Look Back at 2023

November 2023: Your Advance Copy of Our Annual Report, Nicks ‘n’ Notches, is Here!

November 2023: Mark Your Calendar and Join Us at the EcoSummit in Sarasota in December

October 2023: A new calf and plenty of field updates from our latest research

September 2023: New Tagging Technique Developed in Sarasota Could Impact Dolphins Worldwide

August 2023: Feeling the Heat this Summer? What About Dolphins?

July 2023: New dolphin calves and new research showing how dolphin moms communicate

May/June 2023: Assessing the health of Sarasota Bay dolphins and tracking their offshore cousins; meet the first calf of 2023

March/April 2023: Entangled Dolphin Update, Our Busy Season and More Dolphin News

January/February 2023: Looking ahead to a busy, exciting year

December 2022: Dolphins Face Another Round of Red Tide, and Our Annual Report is Now Online

October 2022: Hurricane Ian, Offshore Dolphin Tagging and other news from the SDRP

August 2022: Whistling Away in Sarasota Bay

In Memoriam: Remembering Two Giants of Marine Mammal Science

July 2022: Checking Up on Sarasota Bay Dolphins

June 2022: Learn About the First Health Assessment of an Offshore Dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico

May 2022: Thank You for Making the Giving Challenge a Success

April 2022: Learn How We’re Working to Reduce Negative Dolphin-Human Interactions

March 2022: Modeling the Long-Term Impacts from the Deepwater Horizon

January 2022: A Risky Dolphin Rescue

December 2021: Oh Baby! We Hit a Dolphin Calf Record This Month!

September 2021: How Lessons Learned in Sarasota Are Applying to Dolphin Conservation in Argentina and Brazil

August 2021: Summer Calves and Seagrass Die-Offs

July 2021: New Calves, Red Tide and Threats to Wild Dolphins

May 2021: A Dolphin Rescue Near Piney Point

Special Update April 2021: Monitoring the Dolphins at Piney Point

March/April 2021: Conducting Photographic Identification Surveys

February 2021: Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Rescuing Dolphins

December 2020: A New Website, New Research Tools and New Protocols for an ‘Interesting’ Year

November 2020: We’re Thankful for You — Our Supporters!

October 2020: 50 Years of Dolphin Research, Conservation and Education — Putting New Findings Into Practice

September 2020: Join Our Virtual Celebration

August 2020: Preventable Deaths in the Sarasota Bay Dolphin Community

July 2020: Join Our Marine Debris Team and Help Wild Dolphins

June 2020: Welcoming Summer Interns and Helping More Join Their Ranks

May 2020: Thank You for Your Support During the 2020 Giving Challenge

March 2020: The Passing of Two Long-Term Sarasota Bay Resident Dolphins

December 2019: Thank You Supporters for an Amazing Year

October 2019: Fin of the Month: Norman, Born in 1957

June 2019: An Update on a Dolphin Rescued from Entanglement

April 2019: Two Dolphin Rescues

December 2018: A Year in Review

October/November 2018: Dolphins and Microplastics

Special August 2018 Update: Red Tide 2

Special August 2018 Update: Red Tide

July/August 2018: Barataria Bay Field Research and New Cardiac Assessment Techniques

June/July 2018: Remembering Colleague Dr. Pablo Bordino; Field Work Updates

May 2018: Field Work in Naples, Florida, and Barataria Bay, Louisiana

April 2018: Developing New Study Techniques

December 2017: The Year’s Highlights

December 2017: A Special Message About the Passing of Dr. John Reynolds

October/November 2017: Tracking a Short-Finned Pilot Whale

September/October 2017: Vaquita Dolphin Conservation; Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation Support for Long-Term Research

July/August 2017: A Banner Year for New Dolphin Calves

June/July 2017: The Negative Impacts of Feeding Wild Dolphins

May 2017: Working with the Ionian Dolphin Research Project

March 2017: SDRP’s Role in the Investigation of the Deepwater Horizon’s Impacts on Dolphins

February 2017: An Update on Calves Born in 2016; Rescuing Skipper

December 2016: Highlights from 2016

November 2016: Outreach and Education to Help Protect Wild Dolphins

October 2016: Updates on Red Tide and Bermuda Dolphin Studies

September 2016: Dolphin Studies in Bermuda

August 2016: Revolutionizing Dolphin Identification

July 2016: Fish Surveys, Dolphin Updates and Vaquita Conservation

May 2016: Summer Boating Season

April 2016: Chinese White Dolphin Conservation

March 2016: Rescuing Bill the Dolphin

February 2016: Seeing Nicklo, the Oldest Documented Dolphin in the Bay

January 2016: Introducing Author Amy Tan (Joy Luck Club) to Sarasota Dolphins

December 2015: The Night Before Christmas, Dolphin Style

November 2015: Red Tide Impacts on Dolphins; An Update on the Deepwater Horizon

October 2015: A Dolphin Rescue

October 2015: Celebrating 45 Years of Dolphin Research

August 2015: Welcome to Our New Enewsletter