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Dolphin F267 Stats Name: F267, also known as Joy Sex: Female Age: Born 2015. Died 2019. A Dolphin's Life Joy was the second calf of Holly and the grandcalf of Big Shout, who we have been observing since 1992. The dolphins from this lineage




Dolphin FB79 Stats Name: FB79, also known as Vespa Sex: Female Age: Born 1979. Died 2022. A Dolphin's Life We first identified Vespa in 1985 and over the years, members of the SDRP observed her more than 1,100 times. We know that Vespa gave


Measuring Dolphin Hearing


Researchers test dolphins' hearing using using auditory evoked potentials, or AEPs. During testing, sensors are placed on an animal’s head to measure brain activity in response to a sound. This is the same way we test the hearing of human babies. This picture shows how the sensors are mounted to a dolphin using suction

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Dolphins Have Names


Did you know that bottlenose dolphins develop individually distinctive signature whistles that they use to maintain group cohesion? Unlike the development of identification signals in most other species, signature whistle development is strongly influenced by vocal learning. This learning ability is maintained throughout life, and dolphins frequently copy each other’s whistles in the wild.

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Listening to Sarasota Bay Dolphins


Dolphin F197 with her fourth calf, 1974. Several members of F197's family like to swim near the Cortez PAL station. Listening in on Sarasota Bay Dolphins' Underwater World The SDRP, working in partnership with David Mann of Loggerhead Instruments, Mote Marine Laboratory, New College of Florida, Eckerd College and local citizens,

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Dolphin F199 Stats Name: F199, also known as WAN2 Sex: Female Age: Born 2002. A Dolphin's Life F199 has been observed more than 450 times since June, 20, 2002. She is the second calf of Wanda, hence her nickname of WAN2. She has given




Dolphin 1253 Stats Name: 1253, also known as Joker Sex: Male Age: Born 2011. A Dolphin's Life Joker has been observed by the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program more than 173 times since he was born in 2011. He is the third calf of Little




Dolphin F125 Stats Name: F125, also known as Little Orphan's Annie Sex: Female Age: Born 1998. A Dolphin's Life We've observed Little Orphan's Annie more than 800 times since July 1, 1998. She is the grand-calf of Cathy, who was born in 1966. All




Dolphin F197 Stats Name: F197 Sex: Female Age: Born 2003. A Dolphin's Life F197 was the second calf of a dolphin nicknamed Murphy Brown and she’s also the grandcalf of FB05 — one of the first dolphins catalogued in Sarasota Bay in the early




Dolphin FB28 Stats Name: Fb28 Sex: Male Age: Born 1965. Died 2015. A Dolphin's Life On the evening of 17 October 2015, the decomposed and shark-scavenged carcass of long-term resident male bottlenose dolphin FB28 was recovered by Mote Marine Laboratory’s Stranding Investigations Program

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