Professional Training

The SDRP Professional Training Program is open to selected members of U.S. and foreign research and conservation groups seeking to learn skills to protect at-risk cetacean species, especially in their home countries. Trainees receive a full spectrum of training that will enhance their research and conservation skills when they return home.

Professional trainees learn by assisting in ongoing projects, including those outlined for interns. Additional training may also include safe dolphin handling, boat surveys, photographic skills, record keeping, field identification and lab verification skills. They also help with prey sampling, dolphin rescues, focal animal follows and other ongoing activities.

I’m a research/conservation professional. How do I obtain training through the SDRP?

Selection for training opportunities occurs largely through recommendations from SDRP colleagues and collaborators, or following a letter of introduction to Program Director Randy Wells (, including a CV and references from the field of marine mammal science.