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Dolphin FB26 Stats Name: Fb26, also known as Norman Sex: Male Age: Born 1957. Disappeared 2001. A Dolphin's Life Norman was the first dolphin we ever tagged in Sarasota, on Oct. 3, 1970. He was seen 246 times, until July 2001. When we


Our Golden Anniversary


On Oct. 3, 1970, researcher Blair Irvine attached the first tags on Sarasota bottlenose dolphins, beginning what would become the world’s longest-running study of a wild dolphin population — today known as the Chicago Zoological Society’s Sarasota Dolphin Research Program. On that day, Blair attached plastic tags to the dorsal fins of a pair of

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Be Dolphin Safe


You can prevent injuries to dolphins and other sea life simply by following these best practices: Don’t feed wild dolphins. Reel in your fishing line if dolphins appear. Change locations if dolphins show interest in bait or catch. Release catch quietly away from dolphins when and where it is possible to do so without

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Human Activities Claim Three Sarasota Dolphin Lives


Over just 2 weeks in August, we lost three Sarasota Bay resident dolphins. Our Director, Dr. Randy Wells penned this special message to share the news and let you know how you can help: In an unprecedented year of pandemic and societal upheavals, August has dealt us another blow at the Chicago Zoological Society’s

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