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Notes from the Lab and Field


This Atlantic spotted dolphin nicknamed Hannah was tagged 45 miles offshore of Sarasota using a new tool we developed. New Tagging Technique Developed in Sarasota Could Impact Dolphins Worldwide If you’ve been following our research, you probably know that we employ a variety of techniques to study the Sarasota Bay dolphin

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Make Your Labor Day Boat Trip a Labor of Love


As we approach the Labor Day holiday this weekend, why not make it a labor of love for dolphins (and other wildlife) by doing a few simple things to help protect them and their environment? It’s as easy as: Stashing your trash: If you’re heading to the beach or out on the water, be

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Disentangling a Dolphin Near Cedar Key


Disentangling a Cedar Key Dolphin On Aug. 9, 2023, the SDRP partnered with University of Florida Marine Animal Rescue (UFMAR) and the Cedar Key Dolphin Project (CKDP) to help disentangle an estimated 5-month-old dolphin calf, also known as DTNL, that had plastic mesh wrapped around and cutting into its torso and pectoral flippers.

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Siesta Key’s “Squirt” the Dolphin


This year (2023) we’ve been getting a lot of questions about a tagged dolphin that people have been seeing frequently around Siesta Key. Meet dolphin F326, also known as Squirt! He is a young male dolphin born in 2019. We first observed him in November 2022 as an independent juvenile and, during a health

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Dolphin F326 Stats Name: F326, also known as Squirt Sex: Male Age: Born 2019 A Dolphin's Life This year (2023) we’ve been getting a lot of questions about a tagged dolphin that people have been seeing frequently around Siesta Key. Meet


Offshore Dolphin Health Assessment


On May 17-18, 2023, we tagged and collected biological samples from two bottlenose and two Atlantic spotted dolphins 25-38 miles offshore of Sarasota during the third of four planned offshore health assessment and tagging sessions supported by a grant from the Florida RESTORE Act Centers of Excellence Program. All four dolphins received suction-cup-mounted

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Dolphin Moms Use ‘Baby Talk’


We’ve all probably done it: Change the pitch and tone of our voices when talking to babies. Now, new research from Sarasota Bay published in the peer-reviewed journal The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that dolphin moms do it, too! “Motherese” (also known as “parentese”) is a speech pattern that human

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Dolphin F165 Stats Name: F165 Sex: Female Age: Born 1999 A Dolphin's Life We first observed F165 as a calf in 1999. Since then, we've recorded 628 sightings of her. Her own mother, FB75, died during a bad red tide in


Another Successful Rescue


A Successful Dolphin Rescue Near Marco Island Earlier this month, Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) received several reports from the Naples/Marco Island area about a calf whose tail flukes were entangled in fishing line. After determining that the entanglement was life threatening, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) asked us to

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