Dolphin F165


Name: F165

Sex: Female

Age: Born 1999

A Dolphin’s Life

We first observed F165 as a calf in 1999. Since then, we’ve recorded 628 sightings of her. Her own mother, FB75, died during a bad red tide in 2006 after ingesting a fishing lure.

During F165’s lifetime, we’ve documented her with four calves. The first, 1651, born in 2011 is deceased. The second, 1652, was born in 2016 and, despite the fact that we observed this calf with shark bites when it was only days old, the calf survived. F165’s third calf, 1653, was born in 2019. Then, this year, F165 gave birth to our first calf of 2023. Meet 1654!