The Dolphins of Sarasota Bay

This picture shows four long-term Sarasota Bay resident dolphin mothers with their calves entering Big Pass from the Gulf of Mexico.

After 50 years of study, we really know the dolphins of Sarasota Bay. The dolphins here are an identifiable social unit — a dolphin community with roughly defined geographical boundaries, bordered by other dolphin communities. And we know a lot about this community: We know mothers and grandmothers, best friends and dolphin hangouts. We even know what many of the Bay’s dolphins sound like.

Now, you can meet some of the dolphins of Sarasota Bay, too! Just click on the picture to read about a dolphin’s life and even listen to its voice!


Dolphin F267 Stats Name: F267, also known as Joy Sex: Female Age: Born 2015. Died 2019.


Dolphin FB79 Stats Name: FB79, also known as Vespa Sex: Female Age: Born 1979


Dolphin F199 Stats Name: F199, also known as WAN2 Sex: Female Age: Born 2002.


Dolphin 1253 Stats Name: 1253, also known as Joker Sex: Male Age: Born 2011.


Dolphin F125 Stats Name: F125, also known as Little Orphan's Annie Sex: Female Age: Born 1998.


Dolphin F197 Stats Name: F197 Sex: Female Age: Born 2003. A Dolphin's Life


Dolphin FB28 Stats Name: Fb28 Sex: Male Age: Born 1965. Died 2015.


Dolphin FB26 Stats Name: Fb26, also known as Norman Sex: Male Age: Born 1957. Disappeared 2001.