Dolphin FB55


Name: FB55

Sex: Female

Age: Born 1986

A Dolphin’s Life

Dolphin FB55 is part of a life-long and well-known female lineage in Sarasota Bay. She is the third calf of a dolphin known as FB05 (first identified in 1971, the year after the SDRP began), she is the sister of F155 and the grandmother of F255. She has been sighted more than 1,100 times since her birth in 1986. Over her lifetime, she’s given birth to seven calves of her own — including her most recent calf, C557, born in 2020. During a health assessment in 1988, we removed a stingray barb from her head.

A Dolphin’s Voice

Audio of this dolphin is not available.

FB55’s sixth calf surfaces next to her

FB55 and her 7th calf

Heading into Sarasota Bay

FB55 travels into Sarasota Bay via Big Pass, with Lido Beach in the background. This area has been her home since 1986.