Impacts of red tide toxins on seabirds

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Estuaries are highly productive and ecologically rich areas that are important habitats for fish and bird species. Over the past few decades, the frequency and duration of harmful algal blooms (HABs) have been increasing globally in coastal areas.  HABs, especially those caused by the red tide organism, Karenia brevis, occur frequently along Florida’s west coast, [...]

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Ecology of the Guiana dolphin in Colombia: Implications for conservation

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Guiana dolphins are listed as “Data Deficient” by the IUCN and as “Vulnerable” in Colombia. This study aimed to advance understanding of the ecology of this species and its habitats, and to provide information for conservation management in the southern Gulf of Morrosquillo, Colombia. Systematic boat-based surveys were conducted during 395 days in 2002-2006 and [...]

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Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in Bunbury, Western Australia: Habitat modeling and population dynamics

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My research is a part of the South West Marine Research Program (SWMRP) in Bunbury, Western Australia. The SWMRP is a long-term research program that strives to assess the long-term viability of the dolphin population in an expanding regional centre. For my thesis, I aim to investigate sex-specific differences, in terms of dolphin movement patterns, [...]

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