Dolphin C250


Name: C250

Sex: Male

Age: Born 2016

A Dolphin’s Life

C250 is the 10th calf of FB25 and we’ve observed him more than 120 times since his birth in 2016. We usually see him between the north Siesta Key Bridge and Venice Inlet.

While the Sarasota dolphin community members do not live in family groups or pods, they do interact with related dolphins from time to time. Not too long ago during a population monitoring survey, we watched C250 socializing with his 2-year-old sibling and another 4-year-old juvenile named Nori.

C250’s mom is one of the two most productive mothers we’ve documented. Each has given birth to 11 calves so far (FB25’s most recent calf was born in 2019). You can learn more about FB25 — including listening to what her signature whistle sounds like — here.

C250 takes a break from socializing to peek at our boat, which was drifting in neutral.

C250 (right) is socializing with his 2-year-old sibling (left). FB25 was feeding nearby.

Nori (middle, underwater), and C250 take a break from socializing to catch a breath.