Health and Physiology - 2004 Reports

Integrating Life History, Health, and Reproductive Success Data to Examine Potential Relationships with Organochlorine Contaminants for Bottlenose Dolphins in Sarasota Bay

Jan 17, 2004 No comments

Environmental contaminants pose a serious threat to marine mammal populations around the world. More than 10,000 chemicals have been produced. Some of these have been documented to have adverse impacts on animal health and/or reproduction, but little direct evidence for these effects in marine mammals is available, due in large part to the difficulties of [...]

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What Can Dolphin Exhalations Tell Us About Their Health and Reproduction?

Jan 06, 2004 No Comments

Volatile organic compounds in exhalant breath are a reflection of biochemical constituents circulating in the blood. Non-invasive monitoring of such compounds may give health, reproductive, physiological and seasonal information about wild dolphins. For the last several years we have been collecting the exhaled breaths of Sarasota Bay dolphins during health assessment sessions. From a conservation [...]

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