Dolphin Survey Update: 9 New Calves in 2011

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To date, 9 calves have been born to Sarasota Bay resident dolphins, and 3 more to mothers seen frequently around the periphery of the Sarasota home range.

While these are encouraging numbers, calf mortality averages about 50% during their first year of life, so we’ll have to wait and see how well they do.

Happily, all but one of the 17 calves born in 2010 have been seen with their mothers in recent months.

The missing calf, C797, apparently died from fishing line entanglement injuries in June 2011.

Calves typically stay with their mothers 3-6 years. Data on calves are collected as part of our 10 dolphin surveys each month.




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  1. Blair Irvine says:

    Not true! We study WILD dolphins.

  2. Xavier says:

    These animals are kept in very small tanks and cages, it aappers it’s like a life sentence (for being completely innocent) with no parole.. these animals will never experience what it’s like to be free. How sad! =[

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